Having an USU Campus is an exciting possibility-hopefully soon to become-reality. It will provide to Grand County:

· Added job diversity.

· Added diversity to our mix of community members.

· Access to an educated, trained and skilled workforce.

· Opportunity for Grand County and regional students to get their degree without leaving the area.

· More affordability to locals who have housing and possibility of a job while they study.

HOWEVER, This being said, the above advantages only work if the University is a real time, live institution with actual professors, administrators, technical assistants and the other personnel needed to administrate an actual university.  

If the USU is limited to a virtual university with computer generated and attended classes without the presence of actual people to stand at the podiums and sit in the seats, then all bets are off.  Yes, a certain amount of “virtual learning” may be appropriate in this day and age, but if the Grand County area is to benefit from an educational institution it will be because the University is a vibrant environment peopled with students, professors and staff.   It makes no sense for us to host a vacant bricks and mortar virtual education environment. For more information on this subject read the Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2017  report by the National Education Policy Center.

Visit this link to understand why the USU campus should be a real time populated campus rather than a virtual campus.