The problem . . . 

· The high cost of housing (fueled in part by second home sales and short-term rentals) makes it increasingly difficult to hire and retain employees for private businesses and government agencies staffing essential employees, such as law enforcement officers, school teachers, and health care workers. It directly hinders small business development in Grand County.

· To counteract this, planning and zoning regulations are needed that will generate housing for both permanent and seasonal residents.

· A new Grand County housing and economic development study addresses affordable housing and is a good beginning in helping us understand what is needed to establish appropriate zoning and building regulations.  This subject, however, needs more study.

Solutions . . . 

· Grand County should study, select and act to encourage affordable housing by:

          o Working with the City of Moab in a joint effort to create solutions.

          o Review and learn from what other communities like ours facing the same              problem have done; what has and hasn’t worked for them.

          o Consider zoning and building regulations which compel developers to              contribute to the solution by building affordable housing units either              physically or via in lieu cash or property contributions as a part of the              development process.

          o Continue gathering data on actual number of housing units needed by using models created by other communities which have already dealt with this challenge. 

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