HB 224

In March of 2018 the Utah State Legislature passed House Bill 224 which requires that all counties conform to one of four county governments that have been mandated by the State Legislature since the year 2000. Although Grand County has had since 1992, a form of government similar to one of the State mandated forms its form of government will no longer be recognized under the newer 2000 State Legislation.

Thus, in the upcoming November 2018 election the voters will be asked if they want to form a study group to determine which of the four forms of County government mandated by the State will be most workable in Grand County. 

It is essential that we, as citizens of our County, vote “Yes” to form a study group to choose one of the four forms of County government mandated by the State which will have to be in place in the year 2020 - or we will be assigned one by the State.

The study group will look at the four forms of government and choose the one most appropriate for Grand County.  If we, as voters, do not vote to initiate the study, the State will automatically mandate that Grand County be governed by the State default form of County Government.  By not voting or voting “No” for this study group to choose our new form of County Government you are giving up your rights to determine the future of our government and our lives in Grand County. 

I strongly encourage you to read the League of Women Voters document which explains the four options. You can access this information by going to: