Economic Development

· Tourism is the economic engine that drives the economy of Grand County.   Grand County needs to partner with the City of Moab to control and plan now for the future tourism growth so our citizens benefit from it in a way that preserves the quality of life we desire.

· Major issues we need to address for creating and sustaining economic development:

          o Affordable Housing-Grand County's workforce, including teachers, law  enforcement, health care workers and employees in the service sector, deserve adequate housing.

          o Water-Grand County and the City of Moab must immediately and realistically ascertain the amount of water available for citizens and visitors to make informed decisions in current and future planning.

          o Added Economic Diversity--Grand County should work with  the City of Moab to require lodging and other tourism businesses to provide a living wage, financial contributions to affordable housing and to ensure they are paying their fair share of the City and County infrastructure they rely on to function.

          o Safety-As we grow, we need to sustain and increase community safety for ourselves and our children through Code enforcement and Law enforcement.

          o Infrastructure-Our roads, water system, storm water system and sewer systems all need well thought out development plans rather than temporary patches..