About Your Candidate


Whether we’ve lived in Grand County for generations or moved here because we are drawn to its beauty, outdoor activities and small-town charm, we want to preserve and protect it.  

We have mixed feelings about the rapid growth taking place – we want the community to profit but don’t want to lose what we love about living here.

We are concerned about the issues. Affordable housing. A bright future for our kids. Needed community services. The growing crowds. Noise pollution. Infrastructure. Sufficient water to sustain us.


Raised in a large family on a hardscrabble Colorado ranch, I was brought up to value hard work, lending a hand to neighbors and self-sufficiency.  With the support of Anne Vitte, my beautiful wife of fifty years, I got an education, served my country as an officer in the U.S. Army, competed in the XII Winter Olympic Games as a Biathlete, then returned to Colorado to hand build our first home and raise our three kids.  I worked in real estate, participated in community affairs and saw first-hand the challenges and pitfalls of how development can change a place. We made Grand County our home nearly 20 years ago. We believe in community. We support Grand County’s Non-profit organizations, government services and business community.  We want to help.


While I support progress, I want everyone to benefit from it, not just a few. I want to help preserve what we have and help create the best future possible for all residents without having Grand County turn into another well-worn resort. We’re stronger when we’re together working for our common good.  United, by listening and learning from one another.

                                           Vote for MORSE 


             PRESERVE, PROTECT and UNITE Grand County.